Corporate Partners

INTEK aims at offering tech companies with IT professionals who fit industry today's needs but also at fostering future-ready IT talents for industry tomorrow's challenges. The tech industry and the IT companies shall not only be our partners but be fully integrated with our immersive learning eco-system.

Along our side, this is a strong roadmap for the IT companies and the tech industry to build a long term people loyalty strategy and secure a solid talent pipeline.

Internship Program

Our Internship program is a great oppportunity for IT companies to engage with their future TEK stars. Internships are also an anticipated and exciting opportunity for our students to enhance their business readiness and broaden their skill sets.

INTEK will ensure the program success by identifying DNA-compatible IT companies and by collaborating with them to define clearly the internship goals and KPIs.

Interships are indeed fully part of the student curriculum and its KPIs count towards the student final scoring.

Engage actively in our student’s curriculum and learning eco-system.
Engage with our students even before they join you.

Talented Inteker Sponsorship

Sponsoring a talended Inteker is the best way for IT companies to engage and build a long term and trustful relationship even before the student joins the company.

INTEK has structured the sponsoring package with an innovative financial scheme so to be one of the most future-proof investment while allowing IT companies to implement and develop a true talent pipeline strategy.

Reach your future talent’s heart before reaching your customers’ heart.
Dream big, start small. But most of all, start.

Program-Based Sponsorship

Our program-based sponsorship offers many possibilities for IT companies to inspire our students and directly engage with them. From getting involved with our TEK Talks, to supporting our Kids 4.0 program, to organizing hackathons or co-hosting our Leadership 4.0 program, IT companies can showcase to our students their industry expertise and their long term vision.

Participate in our programs and inspire our students.
If you actively contribute, you are emotially investing in the future.
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INTEK in Ho Chi Minh City is home base for the next generation of skilled IT professionals. We want our students to learn how to learn as they will need these skills to face the digital revolution.

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